Cut me and I bleed sparkles and House grooves

That’s how Bladtkramer describes himself as a DJ.

Since the beginning of his DJ career at the local club in his small hometown, it was clear that Bladtkramer wasn’t like the others. Being constantly challenging, curious, and reaching out for new electronic music wasn’t the right match for the small-town audience. Bladtkramer moved to Copenhagen and his approach turned out to be a great match in the capital.


Within the first year he won a prestigious DJ competition, which landed him his first residencies. Bladtkramer has played for every major and minor club in Denmark, festivals, fashion shows, the royal family, you name it. In 2015 Bladtkramer decided to once again leave his pond, and take his musical talents on a world tour, landing him new residencies in America and throughout most of Europe.


Bladtkramer is currently based in London. When not performing, he spends his time in the studio creating his own music.

There's one word that describes Bladtkramer's style: Variation. From deep to tribal, to main room hands in the air house, not shy of a few vocals depending on the crowd. His live sets are on the highest level of DJing, playing new music and edits live in his sets by layering tracks, loops and acapellas. 
Creating a magic atmosphere, that makes your body move to the rhythm without you realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date, is Bladtkramer’s specialty.

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