Pete Williams

A founder member of Dexys Midnight Runners, The Bureau and These Tender Virtues.

Pete has recorded 3 critically acclaimed albums  ‘SEE’ 2012, Roughnecks and Roustabouts ‘ 2015 and his newest  ‘H.O.L.L.A.N.D ‘ 2018. His band have rapidly gained a reputation for turning in blisteringly memorable shows and a body of work with melody and lyricism, wit and warmth in the grooves.

'He’s a storyteller in his songs, and writes as a mature man who has lived and suffered and loved. The soulfulness that Pete brings to everything that he does is inspiring. He has the passion of a young writer, and the philosophical overview of a wise man' - Charlie & Craig, The Proclaimers


'Excellent third solo release from long-time Dexys Man. ****' - MOJO

'Williams has the ability to make magic from the mundane, to find shades of sublimity in the humdrum' - Classic Rock Magazine 

'His hook-laden tales are the work of a genuine craftsman' - Q


'For me, it's all about recognising in another brother or sister that same appreciation, understanding and knowledge, backed-up by a feral fuckin' instinct, that another side to this life exists. A side other than the one we're shown by the greed-heads and the businessman and the meaningless, mindless pursuit of money. We can smell each other out. Pete smells good and is a damn fine man and musician' – Richard Hawley

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