Suffice is what happened when eminent session musicians LK and the Harvey Bros. joined forces with irrepressible rap lyricist SufficeWords. What they made when they came together was a kick-ass and unique live Hip Hop quartet that is taking the ears and the hips of their native London by storm.Hailing from variously misspent youths in pastures greener at the public school of hard-knocks, Suffice adopted the city of London as their hometown.

And now, after a little cultural exchange honing their sets on the hot and heavy dancefloors of Bali, Indonesia, they’re here to shake the place up a bit.Working from their phatcave (a funk bunker in a secret location), the boys are cooking up a potent hiphop concoction informed by the professors of the old-skool… we’re talking The Roots, The Neptunes, G-funk, J5 and the all those who kept it ill.Add to that a generous helping of greasy James Brown and George Clinton funk to stick it all together, a smattering of synthesizers and epic choruses raided from the pantries of contemporary dance & gloriously-dated 80’s electro-funk, some Badu-flavour neo-soul brown sugar, and a sprinkling of geek jazz harmony (Steely Dan anyone?), and that’s the recipe for the rap grooves of Suffice. Then they take it to the crowds…

Truly live Hip Hop shows in the UK are something of a rarity, and anybody who is turned off by seeing the rap stars of today performing on festival stages to backing tracks would be wise to check out this genre-busting 4 piece. Suffice are bringing it 100% live, courtesy of the energy and razor wit of ‘Fice on the mic, and the 3-strong musical powerhouse of LK on the drums, keyboards and vocals (yes all at the same time) and the Harvey Bros. on bass, keys, guitars, vocals, percussion, samples… Whoever said men can’t multi-task never came to a Suffice show.

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