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Professional content can benefit venues greatly. Social media and online content is integral to brand awareness, so it is important to make sure your venue is being portrayed in the best light. Nova Media's photo service allows high quality full frame pictures for professional social media posts and website galleries. We work to showcase the best your venue has to offer day to day but also with our event photography service, to allow customer insight in to the special events you host, all with the express aim of gaining you further footfall and customer engagement.


Video is now a major factor in advertising a venue's capabilities. Showcasing everything there is to offer at your venue is easily achieved with high resolution, professional looking videos. These can be used for a multitude of social media and promotional purposes.


Engaging flyers and promotional material have become integral to promoting venues. In a very noisy online atmosphere it is key to have branded artwork that sets you apart from the rest, whether that be in physical copy, in-house advertising or on social media. Creating eye catching, modern artwork generates further consumer interest and engagement and serves to form a clear identity and understanding of what your brand has to offer. 


A great website allows easier communication between you and your patrons. Allowing them to discover your venues facilities in the best light creates a positive first experience and introduction to your venue. A modern design and functionality will instantly impact your brand positively. Along with professional photography and videography, a professional, easy to navigate website truly allows users to see exactly what your venue is all about.

For greater effectiveness it is advisable to utilise these services on a seasonal basis. We also provide videos or photo services for one off or specific date / themed promotional use eg for Christmas, NYE, Halloween, Valentines advertising purposes. We are happy to discuss and tailor our service to your particular needs.

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