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Nova work in various ways with a small group of hand selected producers whose work, varying styles and individual sounds we rate highly. It can sometimes be hard to know where to start in finding the right producer to elevate your sound, realise a concept or who aligns with your aspirations for a song or project. So we decided to share the work of some of the best producers we know and offer their services in recording, mixing, full production, songwriting, co-writing, session playing and any aspect of the song creating process, that could benefit from a little help from a pro; after all great production can be the difference between a song that falls flat and one that becomes a career defining hit.

So take a listen and get to know the creatives that may be your next collaborators.

For more information and further examples email:

The Inscape

The Inscape is a music production, songwriting and composition collective run by Michelle, Tee and Dop. They're all artists and musicians in their own right, which is why they approach the process from the angle that they feel the industry is missing. 


With a combined experience of 30 years living and working in the music industry, they specialise in writing and producing music for underground artists. They’re interested in working with artists who want to experiment with their sound and find what it is that makes them unique. Their goal is to not only work for the artists, but alongside them.

They offer full productions, mixing, songwriting and session musician work.

Meet The Inscape:

Tee - Artist, Producer, Instrumentalist and Songwriter. With an expertise in Pop, R&B, Gospel & Folk, as a multi-instrumentalist and multifaceted producer he is perfect for your next production. He has worked as a touring musician with names such as Grace Carter, XAMVOLO & MiC LOWRY and has played shows not only across the UK but also across Europe.

Dop - Producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. From cinematic pieces for Film & TV Synchronisation to Neo-Soul and Alt-Pop, Alex has worked alongside many artists including those who have gone on to sign deals with Decca, Instrumental Management and Ayita.

Michelle - Songwriter, Artist, Vocalist and Graphic Designer, Shell is a versatile creative who mixes her fine art and design skills in conjunction with her musicianship to create artwork and events. She is a versatile songwriter with experience writing in contemporary genres from Pop and R&B, through to Avante-Garde, experimental music.




Single Track Rate £500

Per Hour Rate  £35

Song Writing Room Rental  £80

(Song writing splits varies from project to project)****



Mixing   £150

Master Rate (By external engineer)  £50 



Dry Hire 1 Studio  £20ph

Dry Hire Both Studios  £40ph 

NOTE: does not include an engineer, 

but someone will be around to open up and advise. 

Hire with Engineer   £10 + Dry Hire Rate



7 PR Images Inc. Edits £200

Additional Images £20 

3 Professionally Filmed 'Teaser Videos' + 7 Stills  £350

eg. '1 Week to go', 'Out Today' & 'BTS B-Role' Inc. Spotify Canvas





Concept & Visual Development £ Varies by project

Filmed by @sketchbenjamin



5 Day Song Writing Camp  POA

3 Day Performance/Production Workshop POA

5 Day Song Writing UK Retreat POA 



+44 (0) 203 8160 397



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