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Nova Records was a natural next progression for us. Born out of a desire to work more closely with the artists we discover in the live sector and a life long dream to build a music studio in the heart of the countryside, we have created our studios out of a barn in Suffolk with the express intention of inviting artists and songwriters to collaborate, write and record in laid-back, stress free surroundings where we hope creativity will be liberated and ultimately sweet music realised!

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By Howard Rose + Robbie Cavanagh

RELEASE DATE : 30th October 2020
FORMAT:  Digital
GENRE : Alternative, Americana, Pop

'Greetings From Paradise' is the result of a lockdown collaboration from two of the UK’s most exciting emerging artists Howard Rose & Robbie Cavanagh.

The pair had not intended to write a ‘lockdown song’ as such but the sheer uncharted territory of the landscape that we have all recently found ourselves within was bound to influence the song, not least due to the fact it was recorded by the two artists from their respective isolations in London and Manchester, with much of the ideas stage and structuring of the song playing out over Zoom calls. Cavanagh says of the song ‘It was born of a conversation about not wanting to write about lockdown, so we discussed what we thought was the opposite, "Paradise". A trip to a desert island.’ Rose adds that the song alludes to ‘perceived blessings of a lockdown misspent. An opportunity to work, uninterrupted on what you were put on the earth to do, and how that can affect you. How something seemingly blissful can turn to the mundane given enough time.’ 

You’d be forgiven, given the title of the track, for thinking that this is perhaps a romantic ‘wish you were here’ style postcard of a song from a person living it up in a blissful utopia. Yet woven amongst dreamy guitar lines and soaring cinematic strings, lies an insight into the protagonists’ private  thoughts;  the double vocals of Rose and Cavanagh acting as a conversation between the hero and his contradictory internal monologue. The lyrics describe an inner tug of war perhaps, an ebbing and flowing between feelings of possibility and hope through to the ever present niggling inner voice of self doubt presented by the backing vocal "you should know better".  

A comment on ‘the should've dones and lost moments, trying to muster enough strength to actually face the fact that time gained is not always time well spent’ says Rose. Cavanagh adds ‘The island in many ways both symbolises the imprisonment of lockdown, and also the freedom of getting away from it all’, but perhaps shows the dichotomy between the dream of escaping to paradise but yet finding, in so doing, that you are more alone than ever. Maybe it doesn’t take running away to the far reaches of a paradise island to find solitude and isolation, as recent months of lockdown have proven to every one of us.

Artists like Cavanagh and Rose have certainly had to adapt to this new way of working and this track exhibits the true skill of both as artists and songwriters in their own right, whilst impressively showcasing Rose’s undeniable ability in his additional role as producer. 'Greetings From Paradise'  is a prime example of how in times like these creativity cannot be quashed and is the perfect example of the sheer beauty that can come from being quite literally distanced in miles, but together through music. 
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