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It's simple - Artists need high quality, professional photography for all their platforms. Whether it be for a press release, website, social media, tour artwork or promotional material - it is an essential part of any EPK. Nova Media provides high quality full frame photography with multiple angles and locations. Shot in either 50mm or 90mm prime lenses. Filters can also be applied for a modern look.


Live videos and narrative-based official music videos are an important part of an artist's media assets; they provide a clearer insight in to your music 'brand'. A great promo tool such as this needs to be of a professional quality and Nova Media provides 4k and 1080p slow motion videos graded to achieve the highest quality media and captivating and engaging content.


Whether it be an EP release show, a performance in a particularly key venue, an intimate gig or behind the scenes insight, capturing your capabilities in a live environment with live sound is of paramount importance to those discovering your music. Nova Media provide live event photography and videography to showcase your live performance and individual style, helping to set you apart from the abundance of artists using poor quality phone videos to promote themselves. Be heard above the noise and put your best foot forward in a very oversaturated market whilst giving your fans the quality content they deserve.


Do you have an event approaching and need to get your promotional content up to scratch? Perhaps you have a tour you need to shout about. Nothing beats a great flyer to share on social media or produce physical copies of. Great artwork creates interest like no other promotional tool. Unique, beautiful designs are the main focus for Nova Media.


An EPK is key to getting you and your music taken seriously. It is a 'one stop shop' for you and your team to market you within the industry. A Microsoft Word document with a couple of poor quality images and a contact email address is not a great representation of your brand. Modern, original designs created in Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop showcasing everything you have achieved, and are building towards, put together in a professional and presentable way, is a statement of your individuality, legitimacy and artistry.
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