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Nova Music Publishing was born out of a true and passionate love of music, the process of creating it and the desire to bestow great music upon other music lovers.
Our work as a live agency and promoter of new music, has put us in the fortunate position of being exposed to and providing a platform for up and coming artists and writers. Our Publishing and Sync division allows us further involvement in developing writers and artists we have been working with in a live capacity, positioning us at the heart of the songwriting process and at the forefront of new music creation. Part of what we do is setting up interesting co-writes between new and more established writers and artists in order to help develop sounds and ultimately create great songs.
It is our love of great songs that informs everything we do.


We have the great privilege of representing a developing and diverse catalogue of songs by up and coming and more established songwriters.


Our time within the TV, Advertising and Film sync sector has seen us working with various high profile brands on some prestigious campaigns. It is within this sphere we are building a name for ourselves as the go to company for perfectly aligning up and coming writers and artists with exciting and varied briefs. 

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