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With his soaring vocals and playful songwriting, British singer/songwriter Max Runham has broken into the London scene this year with a unique Soulful, Folk-Rock sound. Drawing inspirations from the likes of Ray LaMontagne, Jeff Buckley, Carole King and many more, Max has developed a very characteristic style. Releasing his debut EP in 2018 'Better Get In Line' while still working full-time as an actor, he realised the need to hone in and focus on his music. Max has now stepped away from the acting world, forming a 4 piece band with Sahil Batra, Louis Haessler and Michael Hussein and making waves on the London circuit. You can also find his latest release, a 3-track, live session EP: 'Vibrans Soup' on all streaming platforms.


You can see him play with his band a couple of times a month in London, performing heartfelt, foot-tapping tunes that feel like they've been dragged out of the past and given a modern voice.

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