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This is a difficult time for everyone but particularly those who's livelihood relies on sharing their creativity in a live capacity in social situations, so now is a time to diversify and mix things up a little bit as we enter a new reality where live events are cancelled for a significant period of time and the creative community and many of the institutions we love face an extremely challenging financial future.
Nova is all about live music and as we are unable to host shows at the moment, we thought we would do our bit to try to promote what artists on the Nova roster and those that we host at our 'Nova Presents' live music nights, are doing during this time, in the aim of pulling all of their creativity in to one space for music lovers and gig goers to enjoy. We thought it would be a great place to get artists to collaborate, take requests and also do covers of one anothers songs, bringing artists and their audiences even closer together at this tricky time.

Go Fund Me:
Well, firstly just by watching the videos and sharing them you are helping to grow the audiences of our musicians but additionally we have set up this Go Fund Me Page where we hope to be able to provide a small but much needed bit of funding/income to help musicians who's videos we will be hosting on our page; to go some way to keeping the music alive and showing support for those who have little to no form of income at this time and who may have been forgotten in funding measures put in place by the Government. When donating please leave a comment with the artists name you are donating to.

Thank you and enjoy! We hope to see you at a real life gig very soon.

If in the mean time you would like to book any Nova artists or DJ's for a personalised gig right in to your living room, with requests and to accompany your Zoom party, let us know

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