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Ian Janco and Joe Warriner met in Liverpool during their uni days, when they both attended the prestigious Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts (LIPA). Music brought them both to London, where they now work as full-time musicians together. Both highly experienced musicians are well-known faces of the Liverpool and London covers gig circuit, having played it separately and together for 5 years.


As an acoustic duo, Ian and Joe are a unique combination. Ian’s soulful voice and driving guitar playing are complemented by Joe’s huge sample library, which he triggers via his slick Roland Drum-pad. Their huge repertoire spans pop, classic rock, RnB, soul, hip hop, and swing. Their set combines fun, high energy modern hits with sing-along classics to create an entertaining show that anyone can enjoy. Taking pride in their ability to read and engage with crowds PopDivision’s performances can be tailored to blend into the background or lead the foreground of any evening.

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